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Vehicle Electronic Systems

A range of intelligent control units deliver solutions for the vehicle’s electronic architecture

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What do these products do?

The Vehicle Control Module (VCM) is a central electronic control unit managing the dynamic longitudinal control of a commercial vehicle. It coordinates the powertrain including engine, transmission and retarder, while also integrating ADAS functions such as Adaptive Cruise Control or Predictive Economic Cruise Control. The Central Vehicle Controller (CVC/MUX) manages the electrical loads throughout the vehicle to orchestrate vehicle functions such as light, wiper or climate control. It can serve as a power supply for sub-systems, central fault memory and can host the vehicle configuration.

Vehicle Control Module

Vehicle brand-specific central ECU

Hosts and controls essential and safety-relevant vehicle functions

Features & Capabilities:

Comes as one central ECU

Provides gateway between 5 CAN data buses

Offers dynamic longitudinal control

Coordinates powertrain including engine, transmission and retarder

Serves as platform for ADAS integration



Central Vehicle Controller

Management of electrical loads

Orchestrates vehicle functions such as light, wiper or climate control

Features & Capabilities:

Provides load and light control

Processes sensor and switch signals

Serves as power supply for sub-systems

Can serve as central fault memory

Hosts vehicle configuration

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