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Improving safety and delivering greater comfort for car, van and SUV users


Improving safety and delivering greater comfort for car, van and SUV users

  • A dependable partner of the automotive industry, WABCO's technologies drive forward ever-higher safety standards for cars, vans and SUVs.

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  • WABCO’s modular components reduce customer costs while routine maintenance-free units provide greater end-user satisfaction and value.

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Latest News and Highlights

  • In 2017, WABCO invested $147million in product development and engineering.

  • In 2018, WABCO opened a state-of-the-art technology and innovation Center in Hannover, Germany. 420 employees work in the new $30million facility.

  • WABCO owns test tracks in Germany, India and Finland – the latter high in the Arctic Circle.

Your Questions Answered

WABCO supplies passenger car and SUV OEMs world-wide with our electronic air suspension systems and vacuum pumps. Electronic air suspension is a luxury feature with increasing penetration that has exceeded market growth. WABCO’s vacuum pumps are used with diesel and gasoline direct injection engines.

Air suspension is a luxury feature which offers a range of benefits including superior ride quality, particularly over bumpy road surfaces. Further enhancing driving comfort and improved vehicle safety, air suspension systems automatically adjust the vehicle to the optimum ride height, independent of the vehicle’s load. This is particularly important for electric vehicles to ensure sufficient ground clearance levels are maintained to protect their batteries.

Building on WABCO’s extensive experience of air compressors, it has developed advanced twin compressor technology with the ability to lower a vehicle faster, achieve 0 bar pressure and outperform the market product lifecycle.

The WABCO single vane vacuum pump has an effective material cost design and consumes less power than competitors due to its main chamber profile.

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