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Air Suspension Solutions for Passenger Cars

With almost 40 years’ experience in the design and production of air supply modules and associated control technologies for vehicle manufacturers worldwide, WABCO offers vehicle manufacturers innovative air suspension systems and services for premium passenger cars.

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What do WABCO's passenger car air suspension solutions provide?

Air suspension has become an attractive feature for the end user of premium passenger cars optimum ride height, easy lifting/lowering on driver demand, and increased comfort, irrespective of loads carried and road conditions. This is particularly important for electric vehicles, ensuring sufficient ground clearances are maintained to protect their batteries. WABCO is a key supplier of all types of air supply units and controls for ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension) and also provides fully integrated air suspension solutions which gracefully interact with third-party air springs while meeting the tight package constraints and strong acoustic requirements of premium passenger cars.


Air Supply Units

Customized Air Suspension Compressor Solutions

Portfolio of compressors with various pressure levels and flow rates

Modular product line developed for all types of air suspensions: load levelling; 2-corner and 4-corner air suspension applications

All compressors are designed for use with 12-volt vehicle electrical systems and have maintenance-free, integrated air dryers. 

Can include valve block, air filter and vibration isolation where required


Electronic Control Units

The Brain of the Air Suspension System

Constantly monitors the vehicles body movement thanks to height and acceleration sensors, and controls the air supply system's pressure and temperature

Connects to all electronic actuators and sensors and provides the interface for system control and diagnosis


Integrated Air Suspension Control Solutions

Design and Implementation services

Offers several levels of integration services: from simple compressors with air dryer to high-level integration mechatronics including ECU controls, pneumatic valves, motor relay, temperature and pressure sensors

Enables optimum mounting inside the vehicle for lower airborne and structure-borne noises

Enables smart control strategy for individual components to increase the overall system efficiency and duty cycles

Includes full pneumatic system simulation, system FMEA, hazard and risk analysis and control system validation.

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