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Efficiency Enabling leaner and greener transport
By constantly challenging the status-quo and finding new opportunities for operational efficiency, WABCO delivers some of the most advanced and connected digital technologies as well as world-class fleet services under one roof. WABCO supports operators in the delivery of improved transport eco-system and fuel efficiency as well as automating their regulatory compliance requirements.

Vehicle-based Fleet Management Solutions

 Built on over 25 years of fleet management experience WABCO offers transport operators in Europe and the Middle East a wide choice of solutions thanks to its TX-range of digital solutions.

  • TX-GO 2

    A truck brand independent on-board computer without a display enabling real-time tacho and activity follow-up and remote downloads. Connected to the CAN bus it allows for fuel management, trend reporting and driver scoring.

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  • TX-SKY

    A fixed mounted on-board computer with a touchscreen that registers all driver and truck information and data from other sources, such as temperature sensors and document scanners.

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    A mobile add-on for both TX-SKY and TX-GO 2 on-board computers this App facilitates driver activities outside the truck including barcode scanning, pallet information and problem reporting.

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    A driver app designed for use on a smartphone by freelance and distribution drivers enabling transport planner and driver connectivity.

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Back Office Fleet Management Solutions

To enable fleet operators to have a 360 degree view on the activities of their assets, WABCO offers a wide range of back office solutions.


    A web-based back office solution that manages and displays real-time information from trucks, drivers, trailers and business partners.

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    A multiplatform version of the TX-CONNECT back office solution designed to offer a real-time view on the positions and activities of your vehicles as well as interact with your drivers.

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  • TX-ECO

    A vehicle brand-independent eco program that objectively evaluates and stimulates driver performance on economical and ecological driving.

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    An assessment platform that translates your fleet data into trend reports and compares them with your company objectives regarding vehicle efficiency, driver performance, fuel use and customer service.

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  • TX-DOC

    A document management solution within the TX-CONNECT back office platform enabling a real-time exchange of transport documents between driver and dispatcher.

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    The TX-TANGO Web service platform offers quick integration capabilities between WABCO’s solutions and other back office applications you rely on.

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Fleet Management Essentials

Discover a new fleet management assistant designed to automate and digitize your fleet processes, simplifying and improving the operating performance of your business.


    An innovative, cost-efficient fleet management solution offering many of the great functions that are essential for operating your small to medium-sized fleet on the road and in the office.

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Trailer Efficiency Solutions

Discover WABCO’s suite of advanced trailer efficiency solutions.

  • Trailer Efficiency Solutions¬†

    WABCO has a range of solutions designed to maximize the efficiency of every trailer in the yard.

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  • Intelligent Trailer Program (ITP)

    WABCO's intelligent trailer solutions enable trailer manufacturers to differentiate their products in a crowded marketplace while, for fleet operators, offering options to decrease running costs, reduce downtime and enhance safety.

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Tacho Solutions

WABCO's tacho solutions focus on answering the needs & obligations of professional carriers related to the digital tachograph, streamlining internal processes.


    Enables you to visualize and adjust fleet activities, driver costs and expenses, giving thorough insight and offering the perfect base for payroll preparation.

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  • DigiTach Solutions

    Offering a wide range of tacho functionalities from driver authentication to data archiving, streamlining administrative processes.

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    Installed in the vehicle and equipped with GPRS technology, the TX-VISIO RDL box downloads legally compliant driver and vehicle data, wherever they are.

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    A hosted duty times management solution, specifically designed to allow data sharing by multiple users.

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    The Scandrive 5 terminal allows drivers to read out all tachograph data themselves, outside of the office, in a fully compatible way.

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  • TX-BOX 2

    A legal, mobile, autonomous box that helps you download data directly in the vehicle.

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  • TX-GEO

    A robust and discrete standalone trailer and asset tracer with a long-lasting battery.

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  • TX-GO 2

    Always connected to your fleet

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Big Data Fuel Management Solutions

Forward-looking transport companies that utilize advanced big data-enabled technologies and telematics systems facilitate a targeted exchange of data throughout the supply chain. This enables organizations to make smarter planning decisions to reduce costs, remove reliance on “tribal knowledge”, gain deeper and broader insights into their supply chains, dramatically improve decision-making processes and consequently to switch from a linear to concurrent planning


    TX-FUELBOT is a smart software solution that automatically computes and recommends the cheapest next refueling stop to the truck driver in real time, designed to bring fleet fuel optimization to the next level.

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    An IoT based Big Data enabled solution which delivers insights on your fleet’s refuelling behavior and fuel-consumption patterns.

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WABCO Academy Training

WABCO Academy represents an ongoing commitment to providing professional training solutions to the commercial vehicle sector.

  • WABCO Academy

    As the vehicle control systems become more complex, there is an increasing demand for efficient, practical and flexible training solutions. Our training programs are offered in multiple languages, and they can be completed in one of our 18 training centers worldwide or in-house or online via e-learning courses. WABCO Academy has successfully trained over 190,000 customers worldwide from 45 different countries.

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