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Engine Driven Compressors

Advanced air compression solutions for commercial vehicles using internal combustion engines

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What do WABCO compressors provide?

Compressors generate the pressurized air used in the braking system, air suspension and other air-based applications. WABCO compressors feature highly sophisticated components like high-efficiency die-cast aluminium cylinder heads, power reduction systems and water jackets. Customers can select from a wide range of road proven options (either as a single option or as a combined package).


Foot Mounted Compressors

Belt Driven Compressor Portfolio 

Belt driven compressor portfolio offering sizes from 106 up to 293 cc

Base mounted, 1-cylinder compressors

Provided in specific sizes as water cooled or air cooled compressor

Lowers oil carryover and oil degradation

Provides cleaner air and reduced maintenance cost

Design with an electrically operated clutch available to fully disengage compressor during off-load phases

Clutch version provides significant improvement in fuel economy in the off-load phase while reducing noise

c-comp™ Agricultural

Compressor with Integrated Clutch for Agricultural Applications

Compressor with an integrated multi-disc pneumatic clutch to disengage the compressor during off-load phases

One-cylinder pedestal-type compressor (159 cm³) with belt drive and electrically operated clutch (12 V)

Completely disengages compressor during the idling phases

Significantly improves fuel consumption

Reduces noise emission

Provides clean air and reduced maintenance costs

Efficient solution for off-highway applications where the compressor is only used to a limited extent


Dual Stage Compressor

Revolutionary high-performance two-stage compressor

Delivers cleaner air and high efficiency for long life and user satisfaction

Enables significantly reduced carbon build up and exhaust temperatures (~100°C / 210°F lower temperatures)

Can sustain higher duty cycles

More than 500.000 units on the road

h-comp Airlite™

High Output Single and Twin Cylinder Compressors

Compressors increasing air delivery by using a 100 mm diameter piston.

Single Cylinder Compressor with comparable air output to Twin Cylinder Compressor 

Single cylinder Grey Iron implementation enables 30% weight saving vs a twin cylinder compressor

Twin Compressor increases free air delivery

Can support an aluminium crankcase enabling weight reduction of up to 50% compared to traditional grey iron compressors



Water-Cooled Compressor

Compressor with water-cooled crankcase and cylinder head 

Enables high durability thanks to reduced carbon build-up and oil carry-over

Provides significant fuel savings when used with optional Optimized Power Reduction system (OPR)

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