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Selective Catalytic Reduction Water Control Valve

Selective Catalytic Reduction valve technology to meet international regulations on Nitrogen Oxide emission reduction


What does the Selective Catalytic Reduction water control valve do?

With WABCO’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) water valve technology, it is now possible to meet international regulations on Nitrogen Oxide emission reduction. The water valve technology is built to last, yet it is lightweight, filter-free for low maintenance and improves the efficiency of vehicle SCR systems.


SCR Water Control Valve

Features & Capabilities

Controles coolant flow through Urea tank for better temperature control

Supports highest flow rates and lowest current draw

Designed to tolerate a certain level of dirt in the coolant circuit – filter not required

Lightweight design

Resists corrosion thanks to its plastic body

Provides safe mounting close to centre of mass


SCR Water Control Valve

Customer Benefits

Helps OEMs meet international regulations on emission reduction

Works within all emission regulation environments

Robust design optimizing product lifetime

Cost-efficient solution

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