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Modulating Brake Valves

Designed for usage in demanding environments to provide directional control of brake system pressure. Our broad range of modulating valves include two stage modulation offering the operator a "pedal feel" proportional to brake system pressure.

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Providing directional control of brake system pressure

Extensive experience with heavy-duty vehicle braking makes it possible to offer a broad range of modulating hydraulic brake valves. These valves can be designed to customer-specified braking requirements.


Single Modulating Valve

Available feedback for electronic pedal angle control capability

When used with a properly sized accumulator and accumulator charging valve, the single modulating valves can provide normal and emergency power-off braking in a variety of open center, closed center and load sensing hydraulic systems.

Compact design is customizable to application requirements

Spool design provides smooth modulation at specified pressures

Optional designs with built-in switches, and potentiometers

Eliminates the need for a separate power brake unit or separate hydraulic fluid system


Tandem Modulating Valve

Superior Brake Performance
Superior Brake Performance

Operates similar to the single modulating valves, except two independent pressure outputs are provided. If either half of a dual brake system fails, the other half will continue to provide braking function.

Eliminates the need for separate power brake unity or separate hydraulic fluid system

Available as valve only, push-rod actuated, lever actuated and pedal actuated

Optional designs with built-in switches, and potentiometers


Reverse Modulating Valve

Robust pedal design for demanding environment

Reverse modulating valves are used in negative braking systems for controlled actuation of a spring apply/hydraulic release service brake. As the pedal is applied, pressure to the brake is reduced causing the brake to engage.

Precise control of modulated output pressure

Can be actuated by pull mechanism, or pedal

Optional lock lever available on pedal designs to hold at full release pressure


Dual Power Brake Valves for Steering Assist

Easily Adapted to Dual Pedal Systems

This design can easily adapt to many dual pedal systems to provide steering assist power braking with one pedal applied or full power braking with both pedals applied giving equally balanced brake pressures.

Compact integrated design for use in restricted space

Power off braking through limited stored energy in the accumulators

Direct acting spool provides a pedal feel accurately representing brake pressure

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