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Anti-Lock Braking Systems

Full range of market leading ABS solutions for all types of commercial vehicles 


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What do Anti-Lock Braking Systems do?

These active safety systems assist drivers in situations where combinations of road friction, road curvature and vehicle speed result in an unfavourable wheel slip. The systems automatically intervene to help keep the vehicle stable and controllable in a wide range of different maneuvers.


Pneumatic ABS

World renowned brake control systems

Trust the commercial vehicle ABS pioneer and its market-leading Anti-Lock Braking Systems

Customer Benefits:

Increases overall safety

Supports driver in critical maneuvers

Helps to improve vehicle control

Assists to extend tire life

Helps to enhance braking effectiveness

Pneumatic ABS

A range of brake control solutions

Providing the foundation towards advanced active safety for off-highway vehicles

Features and Capabilities:

Intervenes automatically to help optimize vehicle control

Scalable and modular product portfolio 

Covers from pure ABS application up to a premium package 

Offers a wide range of value-adding functionalities

Integrates with ESCsmart™, OnGuardACTIVE™ and TailGUARD™

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