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WABCO trailer technology makes fleets safer and more fuel-efficient, enhancing productivity in the yard and comfort on the road


WABCO trailer technology makes fleets safer and more fuel-efficient, enhancing productivity in the yard and comfort on the road

  • WABCO’s intelligent trailer solutions enable trailer manufacturers to differentiate their products in a crowded marketplace while providing fleet operators options to improve their operations while reducing downtime and enhancing safety.

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  • As a leading provider of trailer braking control and wheel-end solutions, WABCO’s creates a safer space for all road users. The industry's drive to reach zero accidents is ambitious but WABCO is fully committed to supporting this journey. 

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  • WABCO is a pioneer in the field of trailer efficiency, developing aerodynamic bodywork kits and intelligent suspension technology that reduce CO2 emissions through reduced fuel consumption, as well as reducing loading and unloading times.

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  • Leveraging the increasing intelligence of onboard systems, WABCO data-logging and transmission technology can help managers keep track of their fleet, schedule maintenance and comply with regulatory requirements. Less paperwork, shorter trips to the workshop, more time on the road.

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Latest News and Highlights

  • WABCO – originating from the Westinghouse Air Brake Company – celebrates 150 years of operation and innovation in 2019.

  • 6.5 million market-leading Trailer Anti-Lock Braking Systems sold worldwide, now succeeded by iABS

  • 2.5 million Trailer EBS systems sold across basic, standard and premium derivatives.

Your Questions Answered

WABCO specializes in creating custom solutions for trailer applications that meets or exceeds customer requirements. WABCO has unveiled the industry’s first global modular braking platform covering all types of trailers. This latest breakthrough in trailer braking systems design furthers WABCO’s worldwide leadership in intelligent trailer technologies by offering trailer builders and commercial fleets the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of safety and efficiency functions specifically for trailers. It provides the foundation for WABCO’s new generation Trailer Anti-Lock Braking System (iABS™) and Electronic Braking System (iEBS™). It also features simplified interchange between iABS and iEBS, enhances trailer system functionality and supports the globalization strategies of trailer manufacturers due to increased standardization and modularity.

WABCO’s mastery of single-piston ADB technology has been refined over more than two decades and its world-class quality has been proven in more than six million wheel-ends, including for the most demanding heavy-duty truck applications. Exceeding the performance standards of other ADB systems on the market, WABCO’s pioneering single-piston MAXX™ technology is the definitive industry benchmark offering a new lighter weight, high-performance and low drag torque design which boosts efficiency and enables increased transport payloads.

The Intelligent Trailer Program offers a powerful range of customizable solutions to meet specific needs. WABCO sales representatives can help fleets determine which features are most relevant to meet a fleet’s needs, from enhancing operating safety to reducing transportation and fuel costs.

At IAA 2018, WABCO presented a prototype of its first electric trailer developed to maximize operating efficiency and lower fuel consumption. WABCO’s new electric trailer equipped with an electric motor and its associated control system – named eTrailer – marks the company’s first prototype that uniquely connects truck and trailer vehicle controls and uses an intelligent electric motor control to recuperate electric energy during braking, which can then be reutilized to power the vehicle’s traction or to operate onboard electric auxiliaries. Furthermore, commercial fleet operators that connect eTrailer to a truck equipped with WABCO’s intelligent braking and stability control systems will further enhance the operating efficiency of the truck-trailer combination. WABCO estimates that its eTrailer could deliver fuel savings up to 20 percent on short haul routes and up to 10 percent for long hauls in a truck-trailer combination.

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