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Efficiency Raise your trailer's IQ
WABCO's Intelligent Trailer Program offers a range of innovative trailer functions that increase operational effectiveness, safety and driver comfort. In today's competitive, cost-conscious and highly regulated transport world, every decision counts. The Intelligent Trailer Program is a flexible solution that gives fleets the control to customize each trailer with safety and efficiency functions that most effectively meet specific needs

Advanced Safety Functions

Cornering, braking, reversing, delivering... every aspect of a trailer's journey can hold its potential dangers. WABCO's Intelligent Trailer Program Advanced Safety Features help mitigate these potential dangers and improve the driver's experience.

  • Intelligent Trailer Program Advanced Safety Functions

    A suite of trailer functions to mitigate potential dangers and to improve the driver's experience

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Driver Comfort and Effectiveness Functions

Retaining skilled drivers is the key to running an efficient operation, which is why it's also common sense to make sure that trailers contribute to their effectiveness. So think of the Intelligent Trailer Program as the driver's toolbox. Now all you have to do is choose the tools.

  • Intelligent Trailer Program Driver Comfort and Effectiveness

    Suite of tools designed to make trailer operations easier and more effective for the driver.

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Operational Efficiency Functions

There are three keys to trailer operational efficiency: knowledge, speed and simplification.
Because the more you know about a vehicle and the less you have to do on the road, the better it is for both drivers and fleet management. Which is precisely what this customizable combination of intelligent functions is designed to achieve.

  • Intelligent Trailer Program Operational Efficiency Functions

    Functions designed to increase trailer operational efficiency by providing increased knowledge, speed and simplification.

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Load Optimization Functions

The effect of cargo on the trailer and, ultimately, the truck has implications for safety, driver comfort, fuel efficiency and maintenance. Choose wisely from the Intelligent Trailer Program, and you will not just prevent overload but also optimize cargo distribution and vehicle stability throughout the journey for the best possible performance.

  • Intelligent Trailer Program Load Optimization Functions

    Functions to monitor and optimize trailer cargo load to increase safety, driver comfort, fuel efficiency and maintenance.

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Fuel and CO2 Reduction Functions

When driving is your business, fuel economy is of critical importance. And, if that goal is achieved with minimum human intervention, the driver's time can be spent more productively elsewhere. Add to that, the safety and environmental benefits of a vehicle running at optimum levels, and it's clear that these features are more than 'nice-to-haves'. In today's climate, they are essential.

  • Intelligent Trailer Program Fuel and CO2 Reduction Functions

    Functions to maximize fuel efficiency with minimum driver intervention.

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