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Efficiency Delivering powerful vehicle connectivity
WABCO is driving technological advancements that will continue to enable smarter operations across the commercial vehicle transport ecosystem, including continuous innovation in trailer telematics, internet of things and cloud-based solutions.

Cargo Security

Securing your cargo can be a major challenge for any fleet whose key assets operate remotely. Whether parked in the marshalling yard, stopped at a service station or even driving on public roads, trailer breaches are commonplace. Of course theft is not the only threat caused by an unsecured door. The modern fleet has to guard against multiple safety concerns on the road including the replacement of genuine goods with counterfeit alternatives, transporting unregistered goods and even damaged items due to unforeseen temperature changes after a breach.  

  • OptiLock

    Electronic high security locking system for trailer and container doors


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Cargo Integrity

Ensuring Cargo is safely, securely and properly stowed is key to ensuring an optimal, safe and efficient delivery.  To enable fleets to improve their cargo integrity, WABCO offers a series of solutions including TX-TRAILERPULSE, which supplies real-time location and rich EBS data to fleet operators, TX-TRAILERGUARD which acts as a communications hub, transmitting rich and real-time trailer-related data to the back office and WABCO’s Optilock, ensuring cargo is securely locked away at all times. 


    A robust trailer telematics solution that supplies real-time location and rich EBS data to your TX-CONNECT back office software platform.

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    Trailer, truck and driver-related information in one back office platform supports transporters in their drive to optimize logistical processes. TX-TRAILERGUARD offers track and trace capabilities helping optimize fleet management while remote diagnostics enables fleets to provide immediate support to drivers on the road, increasing uptime.

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Back Office Fleet Management Solutions

To enable fleet operators to have a 360 degree view on the activities of their assets, WABCO offers a wide range of back office solutions.

  • TX-GEO 2

    A robust and discrete standalone trailer and asset tracer with a long-lasting battery.

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