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OptiFlow™ Tail

Europe’s best performing aerodynamic trailer tail

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What does OptiFlow™ Tail do?

OptiFlow™ Tail redirects airflow around the rear of a vehicle, providing a smoother and more efficient ride and delivering fuel savings of up to 1.1l/100km at highway speeds, without limiting daily operations.

OptiFlow™ Tail

Aerodynamic tail technology
Proven in the wind tunnel, advanced computer simulations and on the test track, OptiFlow™ Tail provides a smoother ride at higher fuel efficiency

Customer Benefits:

Proven to deliver fuel savings 

Reduces CO₂ emissions

Fast and easy manual folding and deployment of panels

Allows doors to be fully opened 

Lightweight design
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OptiFlow™ AutoTail

Automatically deploying rear fairing
OptiFlow™ AutoTail will work seamlessly with the trailer while on-route, without dependency on the driver

Features & Capabilities:

Automatic folding and deploying of panels

Driver-independent fuel savings

Made out of durable and robust material

Proven in many different test environments

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