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Optiflow™ SideWings

Proven aerodynamic sideskirt technology for trailers

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What does OptiFlow™ SideWings do?

Developed using aeronautical technology and proven on the road, this unique WABCO-patented flow conductor is specially contoured to minimize drag by better guiding airflow around and beneath the truck.

OptiFlow™ SideWings

Proven aerodynamic sideskirt technology
OptiFlow™ SideWings make a trailer more economical on the road, delivering fuel savings of up to 1.5l/100km at highway speeds.

Customer benefits:

Helps to reduce fuel consumption

Helps to lower CO emissions

Long field life and resistant to damage

Helps to reduce road spray on wet roads

Contributes to improved lateral underrun protection

OptiFlow™ SideWings

Easy to operate, simple to fit
OptiFlow™ SideWings are highly durable and will deliver annual CO2 -emission savings of up to 3.8t per trailer.

Features & Capabilities:

Innovative aeronautical technology for road vehicles

Unique wing-shaped flow conductor saves fuel

Ultra-resistant to impact and easy to paint

Individual modular panels open effortlessly

Long and short configuration available

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