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ADOPT® Autonomous Driving Open Platform Technology

Software platform enabling a simpler and more cost effective implementation of autonomous driving applications


What does ADOPT® provide?

ADOPT translates driving instructions from Virtual Driver applications (Autonomous Driving Artificial Intelligence) to real vehicle motion commands by enabling the control of all the relevant vehicle actuation systems. The resulting vehicle motion control is executed under safety and efficiency principles benefiting from WABCO's industry leading experience in vehicle dynamics and powertrain control.



Features & Capabilities:

Supports a simplified "Plug and Play" approach leveraging industry standard interfaces to control the longitudinal and lateral motion of commercial vehicles 

Provides instant vehicle stability control adaptation in responce to "real world" autonomous driving conditions 

Supports fail operational braking and steeringto provide vehicle control system redundancy

Provides access to data generated by WABCO's truck and trailer actuation systems to help the industry continuously improve vehicle efficiency and autonomous motion control




Simplifies the development cycle of autonomous driving applications for a faster time to market and Return on Investment

Enables the safe and efficient automated vehicle motion management

Can decrease the vehicle's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by optimizing vehicle routing and power train control

Contributes to the industry's Autonomous Driving ecosystems thanks to data sharing 

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