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Safety Passionately driven to save lives
WABCO's diverse portfolio of superbly engineered products serves all truck categories, from light to heavy-duty. Our safety technology has led the way for decades, through constant innovation and a number of industry firsts. Today, on the journey to an autonomous,
connected and electric future, WABCO systems provide peace-of-mind, protecting pedestrians and site workers, while improving safety for drivers, passengers, and other road users.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Complementary suite of active safety systems designed to support fleets and drivers to avoid or mitigate most common causes of road accidents – aiming for increased safety, maximized vehicle uptime and on-time delivery.

  • ESCsmart™

    Electronic Stability Control System helps to protect against rollover, skidding and jackknifing

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  • OnGuardACTIVE™

    Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) helps avoid or mitigate rear-end collisions

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  • OnLaneALERT™

    Lane Departure Warning System to help prevent road run-offs, side swipes, and head-on collisions

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  • TailGUARD™

    Advanced rear blind spot detection system with active braking supports the driver to reverse safely

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Air Disc Brakes

WABCO's single-piston air disc brakes are the game-changing evolution of braking technology that help to achieve higher safety and braking efficiency levels with consistently high performance, even in extreme conditions.

  • MAXX™

    Originally designed for the most demanding heavy duty trucks, a comprehensive range of air disc brakes (ADB) for light as well as medium duty vehicles has been added.

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Brake Actuation

WABCO‘s brake actuation technologies for air disc and drum brake applications ensure the correct transmission of power to actuate the brake, setting high standards for performance, reliability and safety. 

  • Brake Chambers

    Trusted brake chamber technology available in multiple variants comprising service brake chambers, piston type and double diaphragm spring brake chambers.

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  • WABCO EasyFit™

    WABCO’s proven automatic slack adjuster helps to achieve higher safety and efficiency levels through constant brake adjustment and lifetime lubrication.

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Brake Control Solutions

From single, proven solenoid valves up to the latest, intelligent braking systems, WABCO’s brake control solutions are designed and manufactured with the same stringent quality standards for robust, long-life performance.

  • Air Valves for Brake Control

    Excellent braking performance with outstanding reliability

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  • Anti-Lock Braking Systems

    Full range of market leading ABS solutions for all types of commercial vehicles

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  • Electronic Braking System

    The full range of braking performance

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  • mBSP™

    Modular Braking System Platform

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Vehicle Electronic Systems

WABCO’s longstanding design expertise delivers smart, customized answers to complex electronic challenges. In a truck technology landscape increasingly dominated by electronic automation, our intelligent control units deliver advanced solutions to help improve vehicle safety and efficiency.

  • Vehicle Electronic Systems

    A range of intelligent control units deliver solutions for the vehicle’s electronic architecture

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