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Lane Departure Warning System to help prevent road run-offs, side swipes, and head-on collisions


What does OnLaneALERT™ do?

OnLaneALERT™ monitors the vehicle’s position within the lane. When the system detects the vehicle crossing lane markings without a turn signal being activated, the system alerts the driver to take a corrective action.



Helps your vehicle to stay in lane

An effective tool that can help prevent road run-offs, side swipes, and head-on collisions caused by driver inattention or fatigue 

Customer Benefits:

Helps to prevent unintended lane drifts

Helps to avoid fatalities, injuries and accident-related costs

Supports to optimize vehicle uptime

Supports driver's attention level

Encourages proper turn signal usage




Your extra eye on safety

OnLaneALERT™ utilizes a forward-looking windshield-mounted camera to monitor the vehicle’s position within the lane

Features & Capabilities:

Issues visual, audible or haptic signals

Alerts can be integrated into Telematics

Comes with customizable parameters

Integrates with WABCO’s ADAS suite

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