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Health and Safety

At WABCO, the prevention of accidents is at the heart of what we do in the commercial vehicle industry. That's also why "working safely" is a condition of employment. We lead by example and work hard to nurture a culture of mutual responsibility towards health and safety among colleagues, customers and business partners.


WABCO has a policy for health and safety which we expect our suppliers to adhere to as rigorously as we do.


This includes: 

  • Strict compliance with all laws, rules and regulations determined by local, state, province or federal jurisdictions.
  • The moral obligation to report all health and safety risks. This includes child labour and other exploitative activities.
  • Treating all incidents regarding safety, health, assets and property damage as a process deficiency that can be avoided if the Six Sigma Lean principles are adhered to.
  • Investigating all accidents by formal procedure. In the case of an accident involving WABCO employees at a supplier site, the supplier must take full responsibility for the care and needs of the affected employees.
  • Clearly and honestly communicating health and safety policies and processes to all employees.
  • Delivering goods and services in a safe, ergonomic and healthy way – obeying all warning signs and plant visitor rules, and providing adequate personal protection equipment.
  • Following the principles and implementation requirements of OHSAS 18001 – including full commitment to the prevention of injury and ill health.
  • Protecting the supply chain and everyone in it by making sure that their suppliers also meet all WABCO's health and safety requirements.

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