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WABCO Sourcing and Purchasing

WABCO Sourcing and Purchasing is the global group function that buys parts for 7 of the commodities that support Direct Manufacturing and Indirect Materials. Those commodities are the following:
Microcontrollers Joint Developments Forgings High Pressure Die Casting High Complex Parts Deep Drawing Process Fasteners IT (software and hardware)
Power Circuits Cable Assemblies Sintered Metals Gravity Mid Complex Parts Dedicated Stamping Bearings Telecommunications
Printed Circuit Fitting Compressor Valves Zinc Casting Low Complex Parts Stamping / Bending / Forming Process Gaskets Packaging
Boards Original Equipment Trading Cold Pressing Machining Hoses & Tubes Technical Springs   Machine Tools and Equipment
Integrated Circuits and Memories Over Molded Cables Ductile Iron Sanding Ceramic Parts Power Springs   Office Supplies
Passive Components Printed Circuit Board Frames Grey Iron Tooling Bonded Part Flat and Bent Springs   Process Materials / Consumables
Active Sensors Electrical Motors     O-ring, Gasket and Seals     Tools, Appliances, Gauges
Electronic Assemblies Assembled Cables     Lip Seal and Rings     Vehicle Parts
Sensor Elements Connectors     Diaphragm     Services (e.g. consulting, travel, HR, leasing)
Solenoid & Solenoid Valves Coil Cables     Boot, Bellow and Hoses      
Solenoid Parts       Gasket and Valves      
Electromechanical Assembly              
Speed Sensor Parts              
Other Speed Products              

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