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ADAS – The safety imperative

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are witnessing growth like never before, driven by a growing awareness over safety and assistance features for customers.

Parking assistance systems, collision warning systems and adaptive controls, each element is being particularly looked into by consumers and OEMS alike. Further, to meet customer expectations, ADAS experts are collaborating with OEMs to develop low-cost high impact solutions. This collaboration shall further increase the implementation of ADAS in vehicles across categories/price-points and unlock tremendous growth.

Watch Philipp Helmich, Vice President Vehicle Dynamics and Controls & Autonomous Driving, Commercial Vehicle Control Systems Division, ZF Group, Mr. P Kaniappan – Managing Director, WABCO India Limited and Mr. V Ramanathan – Vice President OE Sales and Marketing, WABCO INDIA Limited join a set of eminent panelist from the Indian CV industry and discuss what the future holds for the ADAS market from the perspective of investments, opportunity and growth over the next 2-3 years.

The panel discussion was organized by CVF in collaboration with ZF WABCO.

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