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WABCO offers safety, efficiency
and comfort for your buses


BUS SOLUTIONS - Safer, more comfortable mass transit with intelligent and efficient WABCO technology

  • WABCO’s advanced driver assistance technology, and cutting edge brake and stability control systems makes buses safer for passengers, pedestrians and other road users.

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  • From automated manual transmissions to emission control systems, WABCO's technology can help improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and minimize maintenance downtime.

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Latest News and Highlights

  • Over six million single-piston Air Disc Brake (ADB) sets sold worldwide for trucks, buses and trailers.

  • $21million invested in expanding the Erich Reinecke test track in Jeversen, Lower Saxony, WABCO’s heavy truck and bus testing facility.

  • WABCO – originating from the Westinghouse Air Brake Company – celebrates 150 years of operation and innovation in 2019.

Your Questions Answered

With more than 500,000 OnGuard™ safety systems sold world-wide, WABCO is the global industry supplier of collision mitigation systems. Announced in 2018, the latest generation of OnGuard features a powerful new radar sensor. OnGuardACTIVE can now provide up to full autonomous braking on moving and stationary vehicles from a speed up to 80km/h even in poor visibility. OnGuardMAX enables autonomous collision avoidance with pedestrians intruding in front of the vehicle at speeds up to 20km/h.

In addition to driving improved vehicle safety, fuel economy and efficiency, the technology advances WABCO is pioneering today provide the building blocks for the autonomous vehicles of the future. This includes WABCO OnSide™, an advanced radar-based blind spot detection system for commercial trucks and trailers. When used in conjunction with WABCO’s OnLaneASSIST™ lane keeping assist system, OnSide has the capability to enable active collision avoidance. WABCO’s acquisition of R.H. Sheppard in 2017 powerfully combined WABCO’s braking and ADAS systems with Sheppard’s industry-leading steering technologies for commercial vehicles. OnLaneASSIST is WABCO’s first Advanced Driver Assistance System based on Sheppard’s U.S. steering capabilities integrated with Nexteer’s steering automation technology. Sheppard provides key capabilities for lateral vehicle control through active steering. OnLaneASSIST combines that with the ability to have longitudinal control through active braking, stability and suspension controls. Full dynamic control of commercial vehicles – lateral and longitudinal – is necessary to progressively achieve the industry’s vision of autonomous driving.

OnLaneASSIST™ is one of WABCO’s latest technology breakthroughs to improve commercial vehicle safety. It combines unique active steering technology with a forward-looking camera for active lane correction. The system helps to avoid potential collisions and run-off-road accidents. OnSide™ is a radar-based blind spot detection system with a coverage range of 160 degrees. Small vehicles in a driver’s blind spot can lead to extensive collision costs and damages. OnSide visually warns the driver when a moving vehicle enters the blind spot and, when the turn signal is engaged, the system can warn the driver audibly or with a seat vibration.

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