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Efficiency Making Tomorrow More Efficient Today
WABCO makes passenger transportation operate more efficiently and with higher comfort. Our bespoke bus technology can improve fuel economy and ensure that services run with minimum downtime and delay. Our electronic suspension and climate control systems turn buses equipped with WABCO tech into pleasant places to be.

Air Processing Solutions

A broad range of solutions that includes air processing units, cartridges, governors, multi-circuit protection as well as a variety of other valves. WABCO air processing products protect the air system against water ingress and other pollutants, while intelligently managing compressor use and controlling the air regeneration to optimize performance and energy consumption.

  • FuelGuard™ and other Electronic Air Processing Units

    The WABCO family of Air Processing Units engineered for optimized performance with
    less energy consumption

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  • Mechanical Air Processing Units

    WABCO’s new generation of mechanical air processing technology combining an innovative quad-valve with proven air dryer and air cartridge systems with superbly engineered designs.

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Air Compressors Solutions

With a wide range of models developed over many years of service, WABCO has a compressor design suitable for almost any application.

  • e-comp™

    Solution dedicated to electric and hybrid commercial vehicle applications.

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  • Engine Driven Compressors

    The widest range of field proven compressors for commercial vehicles with internal combustion (IC) engines

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Complementary suite of systems designed to support fleets and drivers to help minimize fuel consumption and emissions while contributing to vehicle uptime, driver comfort and arrival on schedule.

  • OptiTire™

    Advanced tire monitoring system designed for numerous commercial vehicle applications

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Clutch Control

This product portfolio offers a full range of manual and automated clutch control components, which are easy to install and maintain, and help to improve safety and comfort for passengers and drivers.

  • Clutch Control

    WABCO’s solutions help to improve passenger and driver safety and comfort through optimized gearshift operations.

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Air Suspension Solutions

With OptiRide™, the global market leading solution for electronically controlled air suspension, and Electronic Shock Absorber Control, we offer solutions to improve passenger and driver comfort as well as the safety and efficiency of your fleet. 

  • Air Suspension Solutions

    Bring your fleet’s comfort, safety and efficiency to a whole new level

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Intelligent Transmission Automation

Comprehensive solutions to improve the fuel efficiency of commercial vehicle transmissions through gearshift automation while enhancing the comfort and safety by releasing drivers from shifting procedures throughout their journey.

  • Intelligent Transmission Automation

    Designed to enhance passenger and driver safety and comfort as well as fuel efficiency.

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