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Advanced tire monitoring system designed for numerous commercial vehicle applications


What does OptiTire™ do?

This system constantly monitors the performance per tire. As soon as a tire issue is detected, OptiTire alerts the driver to help optimize vehicle uptime, tire life and fuel efficiency to make journeys safer and more economical.



Advanced Tire Monitoring System

Welcome to peace of mind

Customer Benefits:

Enables up to 2% fuel saving

Helps to reduce CO2 emissions

Helps to minimize risk of tire blowouts

Offers improved maintenance predictability

Enables real-time fleet notification



Advanced Tire Monitoring System

Offers a range of different sensor solutions to cover all rim sizes and applications

Features & Capabilities:

Measures tire pressures and temperatures

Monitors up to 20 rolling wheels and two spare wheels with single ECU

Applicable with major OEM dashboards

Compatible with WABCO SmartBoard and T-EBS

Integrates with WABCO telematics solutions

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