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Clutch Control

WABCO’s solutions help to improve passenger and driver safety and comfort through optimized gearshift operations.


What do WABCO's Clutch Control Solution do?

WABCO’s clutch control solutions help to ease clutch actuation, improving driver comfort and vehicle safety through optimized gearshift operations.



Pneumatic Clutch Actuator

Externally mounted electro-pneumatic clutch actuator for automated manual transmissions (AMT)

Customer Benefits:

Executes up and downshifting procedures

Adaptable to multiple manual transmissions

Variants available for constant- and synchro-mesh gearboxes

Easy access for better serviceability



Concentric Pneumatic Clutch Actuator

Electro-pneumatic clutch actuator with concentric mounting for automated manual transmissions (AMT)

Customer Benefits:

Maintenance-free system

Allows fast and smooth shifting

Reduced clutch wear through controlled actuation

Works with all major clutches in the market


Manual Clutch Control

Hydraulic clutch control for manual transmissions

Solutions available for city bus and coach applications help to improve comfort and safety by easing clutching procedures for the drivers

Wide range of clutch control components:

Master Cylinder

Servo Master

Slave Cylinder

Clutch Servo


Integrated Pedal Unit

Customizable unit for vital driving functions

WABCO offers flexible solutions for integrated pedal units which help to increase comfort and safety by easing clutching procedures

Customer Benefits:

Combines brake, clutch and throttle functionality

Flexible module with standard interface to cab

Reduced weight helps to increase payload

Reliable system performance

“Plug and play” pedal unit

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