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Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) helps avoid or mitigate rear-end collisions with vehicles ahead. The first step towards active braking. 


What does OnGuardASSIST™ do?

This active safety system assists truck drivers in recognizing and responding to dangerous driving situations that could lead to a rear-end collision with a moving, stopping or stationary vehicle ahead.



First Step Towards Active Braking

Active braking on moving and stopping vehicles in all visibility conditions

Customer Benefits:

Helps to mitigate or even avoid impending rear-end collisions to increase safety

Helps to avoid fatalities, injuries and accident-related costs

High bandwidth enables high accuracy in object detection

Improves driver effectiveness across all levels of experience

Optimizes vehicle uptime with less maintenance and repair efforts



Always OnGuard to see what others can't

A 'radar-only' Advanced Emergency Braking System that helps to prevent impending rear-end collisions - even in low visibility conditions

Features & Capabilities:

Relies on a powerful 77GHz radar sensor

Detects impending rear-end collisions with vehicles ahead

High performance in all weather conditions particularly vital in poor visibility situations 

Supports with forward collision warning and active braking

Integrates with WABCO’s modular, scalable ADAS suit

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