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Safety and control for off-highway vehicles


Safety and control for off-highway customers

  • The off-highway working environment is inherently demanding and hazardous. From intelligent suspension to blind-spot monitoring, WABCO has a wide portfolio of technology solutions to make the envelope safer for drivers, passengers and those around the vehicle.

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  • Not every commercial vehicle measures efficiency in highway miles per gallon. With light-weight, low maintenance, fuel-saving WABCO technology, off-highway fleets can improve their performance while reducing emissions with less time spent in the workshop. 

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Latest News and Highlights

  • Over six million single-piston Air Disc Brake (ADB) sets sold worldwide for trucks, buses and trailers.

  • $21million invested in expanding the Erich Reinecke test track in Jeversen, Lower Saxony, WABCO’s heavy truck and bus testing facility.

  • WABCO – originating from the Westinghouse Air Brake Company – celebrates 150 years of operation and innovation in 2019.

Your Questions Answered

With over 35 years of proven design expertise, WABCO’s Accumulator Charging Valves provide energy efficient charging cycles that reduce operating costs and optimize the efficiency of off-highway applications.

WABCO specializes in creating and delivering customized solutions for your applications that meet or exceed customer requirements.

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