Master Cylinders

Designed with quality and dependability that goes into every braking system product to meet specific application requirements.



Straight Bore Master Cylinders

Quality and Dependability

WABCO straight bore master cylinders are single piston, straight-bore type with a return spring, and are available with or without an integral reservoir. Most cylinders are available as brake fluid or mineral base hydraulic oil models and in a variety of mounting styles.


Two-Stage Master Cylinders

For Applications Requiring Larger Volumes

Two-Stage Master Cylinders are integrally designed to incorporate the advantage of a large piston for fluid volume and a small piston for high pressure. These master cylinders are commonly used on equipment that require larger volumes than provided by conventional master cylinders.


Boosted Master Cylinder

For Machinery Requiring Higher Pressures

Boosted Master Cylinders are used on machinery that require higher pressure than typically provided by master cylinders or two-stage master cylinders.

The same dependability and performance that goes into every off-highway braking system product also goes into our versatile, high-performance off-highway boosted master cylinders.


Custom Engineered

Accumulator Charging Valves

WABCO custom engineers products for specific applications that meets or exceeds customer specific requirements. Contact a off-highway representative for your customer solution.

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