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Intelligent Trailer Program Fuel and CO2 Reduction Functions

Functions to maximize fuel efficiency with minimum driver intervention.


What does the Intelligent Trailer Program
Fuel and CO2 Reduction Functions provide?

When driving is your business, fuel economy is of critical importance. These Intelligent Trailer Program functions aim to maximize fuel savings via automation.



Tire pressure monitoring system

Helps to avoid under-inflation, a significant contributor to increased fuel consumption

Early leakage detection improves safety and reduces downtime caused by tire blowouts

Integrated system warning of over and under-inflation of tires and overheating of brakes.

Includes simple to install strap-mounted sensors covering all rim sizes and applications

Internal sensors measure air temperature, enabling a more precise pressure monitoring

Telematics connectivity enables real-time fleet notification

Fuel Saving Suspension

Maintains trailer height for stability while driving

Distance sensor connected to the trailer axle recognizes dynamic movements of the chassis caused by uneven roads, curves and braking

Automatically controls chassis height while driving allowing for improved stability and fuel economy.

Only uses air from the compressor if the Fuel Saving Suspension adjusts chassis height

 Helps to save repair costs by avoiding bouncing, oscillating and cramping of air bellows 

Helps to reduce CO₂ emissions and fuel consumption compared to conventional air suspension

Increases the life of the compressor on the truck, due to reduced charging cycles

Can be retrofitted up from Premium TEBS E2


Lift Axle Control

Automatic lift axle height adjustment of empty trailer

The lift axle is automatically lifted without driver intervention when the trailer is empty, optimizing operational efficiency.

Trailer EBS measures the load on the trailer axles and automatically lifts or lowers the lift axle depending on the trailer load

Automatically respects the total permitted load of the axles

Up to two lift axles can be controlled separately from each other

Helps to reduce CO₂ emissions and fuel consumption

Reduces tire wear and rolling resistance on lifted axles while maintaining stability

A broad range of solutions that can be applied to lift and tag axles

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