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Intelligent Trailer Program Advanced Safety Functions

A suite of trailer functions to mitigate potential dangers and to improve the driver's experience


What do the Intelligent Trailer Program Advanced Safety features provide?

The Intelligent Trailer Program safety features makes delicate trailer driving situations such as cornering, braking, reversing, or delivering, safer and easier for the driver.


Anti-Lock Braking Function

 Optimizes trailer control during emergency braking

Controls wheel slip of the vehicle or tractor/trailer combination to ensure stability and steerability during braking

Prevents wheels from locking up when road friction is not sufficient to transmit braking forces

Helps to avoid jackknifing during braking maneuvers

Helps to enhance braking effectiveness

Helps to extend tire life

Available for braking systems with a 12 V or 24 V application

Rollover Stability Support

Helps prevent trailers from rolling over

Helps stabilize the Trailer in critical situations , significantly reducing the risk of dangerous rollovers

Simultaneously monitors trailer wheel speed, lateral acceleration and cargo load to detect dangerous driving situations and automatically apply the brakes

Assists drivers in maintaining vehicle control and helps to prevent rollovers

Protects tires from flat-spotting

Supports side-by-side brake control

Supports 4S/2M for tandem and multi-axle trailers


Reversing collision avoidance system with autonomous active braking function for all trailer types

Automatically brakes a reversing trailer when detecting objects and walls located in the rear blind spot

Helps to safely reverse in limited visibility conditions by automatically warning the driver by pulsing the brakes when the reversing speed is higher than 9 km/h

Detection performance customizable with up to six ultrasonic sensors

Helps to avoid accidents while reversing

Helps to avoid trailer damage and associated costs related to trailer downtime

Helps to avoid damage to unloading facilities and surrounding infrastructure

Works with WABCO OptiLink™

Emergency Brake Alert

Emergency braking indicator

Automatically flashes brake lights during emergency or heavy braking to alert surrounding traffic 

Helps to reduce accidents by warning surrounding traffic of an emergency situation and heavy braking

Helps to prevent damage to trailer and to surrounding vehicles

Helps to reduce the amount and degree of injuries caused by rear-end collisions caused by heavy braking


Activates brakes when it is unsafe to start 

Automatically brakes the trailer when a lifted tipper or unclosed filling dome is detected or if a control panel is not closed properly 

Releases the brakes once the monitored part is latched and fit for driving 

Trailer EBS pulses the brakes at a parameterized value (8-29km/h) to alert the driver when starting with a lifted platform

Automatically brakes the trailer if the driver ignores the warning and the trailer exceeds a parameterized value (8-30km/h)

Helps to prevent damage to tanker, cargo and surrounding infrastructure  

Increases the safety of people working close to a trailer and other road users

Can be retrofitted with Trailer EBS E Premium version 2.5 (2012) or higher and Trailers EBS E Standard version 5.3 or higher


Tilt Alert

Quickly and safely unloads tippers on non-horizontal surfaces

Monitors the inclination of the tipper chassis and alerts the driver when it is not horizontal  and may fall over to the side when the tipper is lifted 

Automatically alerts to change trailer position, making unloading cargo faster and more efficient

Tilt Alerts can be viewed in the truck cabin with OptiLink™, on the trailer using SmartBoard™ or through a dedicated warning / lamp buzzer

Driver can monitor tipper chassis position from the truck cabin during loading and unloading procedures

Router and Repeater

Provides full EBS functionality for extra-long vehicles

Reinforces the electronic braking signals from the truck CAN to the Trailer EBS E modulator  for extra-long trailers and trailer combinations

Rolling Stability Support (RSS) requests are interchanged between road train trailers (if triggered by one trailer)

Allows axle load measuring on extra-long vehicles and combined vehicles

The plug-and-play design makes it easy to install and maintain

Extends CAN line behind the truck to up to 262ft/80 meters

Connects up to five trailers

Option available for trucks without EBS: provides electronic brake signal also with ABS in truck by generating the ISO brake request

Bounce Control

Prevents damage to trailer, loading docks and cargo

Prevents damage to the trailer and loading docks by helping to avoid sudden jumping of the chassis after unloading 

Can be activated via SmartBoard, OptiLink™ or by switch

Slowly releases tension of the axle bogie built up during unloading, which can cause trailers to bounce when the parking brake is released 

Tension can be released side-wise (left & right) for semi and central axle trailers or axle-wise (front & rear) for drawbar trailers

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