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Trailer Electronic Braking System (TEBS)

WABCO was the first to deliver electronic braking to the trailer market in 1997. It is now the global market leader for Trailer Electronic Braking System (TEBS) with more than 2.5 million units in the market. TEBS (Version E) provides the most comprehensive portfolio of safety and efficiency functions for trailers.


What does Trailer EBS do?

By intelligently processing data provided by various trailer sensors, WABCO's TEBS determines whether the current vehicle dynamics are unsafe or inefficient and triggers countermeasures by actively warning the vehicle operator and, where possible, directing the actuation of brake and/or suspension controls to bring the vehicle back to the desired safe and efficient state. The system also stores these events and transmits them to the driver via displays and warning indicators, to the workshops via diagnostics interfaces and to fleet managers through telematics.


Trailer EBS

Trailer Electronic Braking System

Features & Capabilities:

Controls brake and suspension functions

Analyses data intelligently to support the more than 40 functions of the Intelligent Trailer Program

Includes overload protection and charging valve to ensure air suspension and brake functionality

Enables the trailer to connect drivers, fleets and cargo owners to rich sources of onboard systems and operational information

Feeds data into the Operating Data Analysis tool


Trailer EBS

Trailer Electronic Braking System

Customer Benefits:

Optimizes stopping distance and improves stability while braking
Enables WABCO's award-winning Intelligent Trailer Program features and functions which can be fully customized to fleet preferences and needs
Optimizes the cost of building, operating and maintaining a trailer throughout its operational life
Can be mounted and retrofitted to all trailer types, including road trains, bi-trains and tri-trains





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