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Air Suspension Solutions

A host of highly innovative, market-leading solutions that sets the global standard for air suspension control which takes your fleet’s comfort, safety and efficiency to a whole new level


What do Suspension Control Solutions do?

WABCO's suspension control solutions improve vehicle efficiency and driver effectiveness by providing a better ride quality, more efficient handling and greater saving on operating time among numerous other benefits.


Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

Global market leading solution in air suspension control

Customer Benefits:

Eases  daily routines such as passenger entry and exit, trailer coupling, or unloading

Supports quicker and simplified loading and unloading

Helps driver to adhere to permitted axle load

Superior traction on all surfaces during start-up

Smart axle adaptation to different load conditions



Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

Improves operational efficiency, vehicle handling and comfort through superior suspension quality and remote-controlled chassis height adjustments

Features & Capabilities:

Optimizes the chassis height on air-suspended axles

Ensures automatic return-to-ride height after drive-off

Improves handling through enhanced suspension quality

Offers memory levels for easier height adjustment to loading ramps

Can be operated by remote control unit or dashboard switch


Electronic Shock Absorber Control (ESAC)

Profit from dynamic damper control

Balances undesirable chassis movements through continuous adjustment of damper settings to improve safety and comfort for commercial vehicles

Customer Benefits:

Mitigates excessive pitching and rolling

Increased driving stability improves driver comfort and handling

Improved uptime thanks to extended component life

Enables advanced stability control in combination with OptiRide™ and ESCsmart


Cabin Leveling Valves

Cabin Air Suspension for Commercial Vehicles

Improve driver comfort in heavy-duty applications by preserving the correct cabin position throughout the journey

Customer Benefits:

Responds to cabin load and road conditions to improve driver comfort

Reliable solution with very long lifetime

High resistance in extreme thermal conditions

Increased uptime through improved corrosion resistance

Supports fuel efficiency through low weight and air consumption

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