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Modular Braking System Platform


What does mBSP™ do?

WABCO's mBSP features a high degree of software standardization across its ABS and EBS systems. It also reduces the number of ABS components to the same amount as an EBS. By leveraging the advantages of WABCO's mBSP, vehicle manufacturers can significantly reduce system development, installation and software testing time for their diverse brands and vehicle portfolios globally, and bring new trucks and buses to market faster. 



Modular Braking System Platform

Mobilizing the Future of Braking

Customer Benefits:

Supports OEM's globalization and export strategies

Enables rapid adaptation of global vehicle platforms to regional requirements

Reduces global product development and release efforts for OEMs

Delivers easier customization and shorter time to market

High standardization supports OEM lean manufacturing systems



Modular Braking System Platform

A quantum leap in global brake system design

Features & Capabilities:

Provides common braking system platform for EBS and ABS

Comes with increased standardization and shared software architecture

Standardized software modules offer scalable functions for ABS and EBS

System development process complies with automotive safety standards

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