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Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of the WABCO India’s commitment to positively engage with its stakeholders and to operate in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner.   At WABCO India, CSR is viewed as a powerful opportunity to help create a positive impact for the future  by working together with communities, Governments and local bodies to deliver qualitative social improvement.  The WABCO Foundation, a not-for-profit organization has been set up to implement the CSR initiatives.   WABCO India through the WABCO Foundation focuses its CSR efforts on 4 key pillars - Road safety, environmental sustainability, skills development and community development.

Road Safety

Road Saftey Awareness Profgrams for Drivers and Mechanics

WABCO India is uniquely positioned to promote a road safety in India by promoting safer driving and to raise awareness on road safety issues across all key stakeholder groups. The WABCO foudation has conducted major road safety awareness campaigns in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Maharashtra.  These programs are aimed at educating the drivers and mechanics on the importance of road safety and safe driving practices.  WABCO Foundation is pursuing  an effective strategy of  “ Include - Inform - Involve -  Influence and Inspire” . Equipped with a robust curriculum,  designed by subject experts from WABCO Foundation, the program covers topics from road safety, braking safety, vehicular maintenance and more    Over 6000 drivers and mechanics have been upskilled through the programs. Plans are in place to scale up this impactful model to help  many more drivers and mechanics across the countryand has created a positive impact . The WABCO Foundation also conducts health care and eye-check camps for drivers and mechanics to ensure their well-being.

Training for drivers of hazardous cargo carriers

WABCO India has also collaborated with Praxair India, to  provide advanced driver training for drivers of hazardous cargo carriers, fuel carriers etc.  These programs are conducted by subject experts from the industry along with practical sessions for drivers. Over 500 drivers ahve been trained through these initiatives .  The programs have been well received and have helped the trained drivers to maintain zero accident levels. 

Environmental responsibility

Rafefirming  its commitment to the environment, WABCO Foundation  has taken positive action to help drive green initiatives across all areas in which it operates. For example, the company has successfully led tree plantation programs which has resulted in over 1000 saplings being planted and actively nurtured. The preservation of key  water sources in and around its manufacturing locations is another major initiative  that WABCO India have undertaken to conserve important natural resources.

Community development

WABCO Foundation is committed to the inclusive development of communities wherever it operates  to help drive positive change. Leveraging its strengths, the foundation implements programs which improve access to education, healthcare, sanitation, clean water and other facilities to help promote community safety, health and well-being. 

Having hosted healthcare camps supporting 18 neighborhoods, WABCO Foundation has helped enhance the lives of more than 5000 people in the community. WABCO Foundation has upgraded the infrastructure of community schools to ensure that children have access to clean water, hygienic sanitation facilities and proper classroom infrastructure. 

Skills enhancement and employability training

Education and skills are the key elements of the nation’s economic growth and leadership. To attain a competitive edge, it is imperative to develop the skills of tomorrow’s workforce, increasing their employability and bridging the demand supply gap. WABCO Foundation , as part of its skills development objectives, has established Centres of Excellence in partnership with leading educational institutions to train and provide hands-on experience to students and engineers.

Under this initiative WABCO Foundation has established 2 Centers of Excellence, the first of which is the WABCO – Veltech Center of Excellence which provides training in the areas of automotive technologies and advanced  road safety. The second initiative is the WABCO - Chennai Institute of Technology - Kyutech University, Japan Center of Excellence to empower youth through training on new technologies such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and robotic automation.

From safety to  education and the environment to our communities, WABCO India's CSR objectives have helped deliver  a significant, positive impact for all stakeholders.

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