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Celebrating 10 Years of Success

This year WABCO Reman Solutions celebrates 10 years of success! Reman has grown from a remanufacturing site into an award-winning organization. WABCO Reman Solutions specializes in remanufacturing electronics, mechatronic components and conventional mechanical products originally produced by WABCO or other manufacturers. Today, it’s expanded portfolio covers 120 products, including Brake Calipers, Axle Modulators and Automated Manual Transmissions (AMT). 

Join the 10th-anniversary celebrations and find out more about a decade of WABCO Reman 
A WABCO REMAN SOLUTIONS product is restored from a re-usable core, which goes through a series of advanced industrial processes performed by dedicated industry experts at certified WABCO REMAN SOLUTIONS facilities around the world. 

Every WABCO REMAN SOLUTIONS product performs to the same standards as the original product and is given the same warranty as a new product, guaranteeing a quality that you can truly rely on!

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