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WABCO Locations Gear Up for Global Remanufacturing Day

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan (USA), April 10, 2019 – WABCO Holdings Inc., a leading global supplier of technologies and services that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, today announced it is joining with other manufacturing companies around the world to support Global Remanufacturing Day on Thursday, April 11. Global Remanufacturing Day, sponsored by the Remanufacturing Industries Council, seeks to build awareness and appreciation for remanufactured products and the value they bring to customers and the environment.

Formed in 2010, WABCO Reman Solutions specializes in remanufacturing electronic and mechatronic components as well as traditional mechanical products made by WABCO and other manufacturers. WABCO’s remanufactured products serve original equipment makers, tier-one and tier-two suppliers, as well as a growing number of aftermarket customers in North America, South America, Europe and China. WABCO remanufactures products in Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA; Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA; Stanowice, Poland; Jinan, China; and Campinas, Brazil. It also operates a joint venture facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

“We are taking the opportunity of Global Remanufacturing Day to educate customers in the commercial vehicle market, along with our plant communities, about the benefits of remanufacturing,” said Jeff Stukenborg, WABCO Reman Engineering Leader, who manages the company’s Rochester Hills remanufacturing facility. “The remanufacturing process results in high quality products for our customers, while at the same time achieving environmental benefits through energy savings, recycling of precious materials, lower greenhouse gas production and the associated reduction in landfill waste.”

Global Remanufacturing Day activities at WABCO’s 61,000-square foot facility in Rochester Hills, Michigan, will include plant tours and an open house for local governmental officials, members of the community and employees looking to learn more about remanufacturing. WABCO’s remanufacturing facility in Stanowice, Poland, will similarly host site tours for customers and present the benefits of remanufacturing to local students with the University of Wroclaw.

As part of the company’s commitment to North America, WABCO has been expanding its offering of remanufactured products available in the region. The current portfolio includes air dryers, air compressors, hydraulic power brakes, automated manual transmission and Sheppard® power steering gears and pumps. Consistent across all product lines is the use of the latest technology, original WABCO components and advanced processes to ensure the remanufactured products meet the latest WABCO specifications and excel in the toughest operating conditions.

“Remanufacturing is a very important part of WABCO’s aftermarket portfolio,” said Abe Aon, Regional Aftermarket Sales Leader, North America. “As the original equipment developer and manufacturer of these products, WABCO is able to remanufacture some of our most labor and energy-intensive products to the latest specifications. These remanufactured products are often better than the part’s original specifications. Plus, the positive environmental impact through reduced raw material and energy consumption means customers are making both an economical and ecological choice.”

For more information on WABCO Reman Solutions, please visit the “Genuine Reman” section of the WABCO North America website.

For more information about Global Remanufacturing Day activities, please visit the Global Reman Day website sponsored by Remanufacturing Council.

WABCO (NYSE: WBC) is the leading global supplier of braking control systems and other advanced technologies that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles. Originating from the Westinghouse Air Brake Company founded nearly 150 years ago, WABCO is powerfully “Mobilizing Vehicle Intelligence” to support the increasingly autonomous, connected and electric future of the commercial vehicle industry. WABCO continues to pioneer innovations to address key technology milestones in autonomous mobility and apply its extensive expertise to integrate the complex control and fail-safe systems required to efficiently and safely govern vehicle dynamics at every stage of a vehicle’s journey – on the highway, in the city and at the depot. Today, leading truck, bus and trailer brands worldwide rely on WABCO’s differentiating technologies. Powered by its vision for accident-free driving and greener transportation solutions, WABCO is also at the forefront of advanced fleet management systems and digital services that contribute to commercial fleet efficiency. In 2018, WABCO reported sales of over $3.8 billion and has more than 16,000 employees in 40 countries. For more information, visit www.wabco-auto.com.

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