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Data Privacy Statement regarding the WABCO E-recruiting System

WABCO is pleased about your interest in working for us.

This e-recruiting systems is operated by:

Chaussée de la Hulpe, 166
1170 Brussels

as a processor for the respective WABCO company you are applying for (hereinafter referred to as “WABCO EUROPE BVBA”).

The responsible data controller for the personal data you enter on the website is the WABCO company with the vacancy you are applying for (“EMPLOYING WABCO COMPANY”).

By accepting this data privacy statement regarding the e-recruiting system, you agree and expressly consent, without reservation or condition that your personal data is  stored and processed for the purpose of your application, vacant position filling and hiring to the following extent.

Please find information on the various purposes (application, release of your profile and hiring) below:


  • The personal data you enter on the website are collected, processed and used by WABCO EUROPE BVBA as a processor for the respective EMPLOYING WABCO COMPANY, solely for purposes of handling the application and in the vacant position filling process. WABCO EUROPE BVBA stores and processes your data in a confidential manner according to the applicable data privacy provisions.
  • At WABCO EUROPE BVBA and its affiliated companies, vacancies are filled by cooperation of the responsible Human Resources staff and the line managers of the departments (together referred to as “HR Functions”). Both the departments’ line managers and the Human Resources staff may belong to different companies of the WABCO group. Therefore, your data may be transferred to the EMPLOYING WABCO COMPANY and, where required, to its affiliated WABCO group companies with HR Functions for the respective vacancy. We warrant that (i.) your data is only transferred to other WABCO companies if such companies have a specific HR Function for the relevant vacancy, (ii.) access is restricted to personnel within these companies which are particularly involved in the recruitment process, and (iii.) your data is not used for any other purpose in these companies as stated here within this data privacy statement. 
  • The EMPLOYING WABCO COMPANY and the WABCO companies with HR Functions for the respective vacancy are hereinafter referred to as “WABCO GROUP COMPANIES”.
  • Your profile data are forwarded in a confidential and secured manner to our following third party service providers (hereinafter referred to as the “Service Providers”): Futurestep Germany GmbH, Barckhausstraße 12-14, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
  • The Service Providers are carefully selected. Confidential and secure handling of your data is safeguarded by relevant agreements. Transfer of your data to governmental bodies will only be made within the scope of mandatory legal provisions.
  • WABCO EUROPE BVBA takes security measures in order protect your data against manipulation, loss, destruction or against access of unauthorized persons and unauthorized disclosure. Our security measures are continuously improved in line with technological development. The data are transferred between your local browser and our e-recruiting system in encrypted form.
  • You particularly understand that, by applying for the vacancy via our e-recruiting system, your data or a subset of your data, where required, is transferred to WABCO GROUP COMPANIES which include other WABCO companies with HR Functions for the respective vacancy.
  • You further agree that, where required, your data may be transferred to WABCO GROUP COMPANIES established outside the European Economic Area (EEA), in particular to the United States of America, e.g. in case the EMPLOYING WABCO COMPANY or the WABCO company with the HR Function is established in the United States of America. In that regard, you understand and acknowledge that the level and quality of data protection and data privacy legislation in these countries outside the EEA may be less protective than in EU/EEA countries. 

  • By applying with WABCO GROUP COMPANIES, you make your personal data available to WABCO GROUP COMPANIES, as set out above.

  • You are responsible that these data are accurate and true. You may have the data made available by you updated or deleted at any time. You may exercise your rights of access to, correction of, removal of your personal data, and your right of opposition to the personal data processing, at any time. For this purpose, please send an email to hrssc@wabco-auto.com.
  • You may withdraw your application at any time if you are no longer interested in the position. You will then no longer be considered in the further vacancy filling process. After closure of the application process, or if you withdraw your application, your data will be deleted according to the applicable provisions by law as amended from time to time.
  • You hereby agree and expressly consent, without reservation or condition that all information relating to your applications will be stored and available for the WABCO GROUP COMPANIES for up to 6 months after a job vacancy has been closed.


By entering your profile into our e-recruiting system, you disclose your profile to the HR departments of the WABCO GROUP COMPANIES.

  • You agree and expressly consent that employees of the WABCO GROUP COMPANIES´ HR departments, as set out above, have access to your data and may contact you within the scope of HR marketing measures in order to fill vacancies.
  • Your data are used within the WABCO GROUP COMPANIES for the search for suitable candidates.
  • If a vacancy suiting your profile becomes available within the WABCO group, the HR staff may contact you and forward your data to the responsible line managers in the departments.
  • If you do not wish to be contacted from a specific point in time onward, you may have your profile deleted. For this purpose, please send an email to hrssc@wabco-auto.com. Your profile can then no longer be used to fill vacancies and you data will be deleted.


If you are hired, then your data will be transmitted from the e-recruiting system to the HR administration systems of the relevant WABCO company in the relevant country. There, your data will be stored and processed as employee data in our HR administration systems. Any further details of this processing will be subject to your employment agreement with the relevant WABCO company.


Your consent is voluntary given. You can refuse your consent without giving any reason and revoke it at any time by writing an email to hrssc@wabco-auto.com. However, please note that our services may be subject to restrictions in this case, as set out above in the respective paragraphs.