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Other Highlights

Celebrating Reman Day

Remanufacturing is a comprehensive and rigorous industrial process which can return a part to a “like-new“ condition. Discover the many other benefits of remanufacturing, as we celebrate the International REMAN Day!

Annual Reman Day

Reman Day is an annual event, supported by remanufacturers as they host students, teachers, parents, job seekers and other local community members at open houses, plant tours and presentations. A day designed to showcase the economic and environmental benefits of remanufacturing.

The goal of REMAN Day is to advocate for remanufactured goods, educate people on the advantages of reman, and collaborate with our communities in order to identify future remanufacturing leaders.

Remanufacturing has a big impact on the environment as the Reman proces reduces consumption of raw materials, energy and water. Remanufacturing contributes to reducing the CO2 emissions. Only one of our plants - in Rochester Hills, USA - saved estimated 449 tons of materials, 1,3 GWh of energy and 800 tons of CO2 in 2020! But we have 15 remanufacturing plants in all ZF Group!
How we are celebrating Global Reman Day?

Even though circumstances do not allow us to meet face to face, REMAN colleagues from aroud our company will connect all Reman teams via an online meeting. Providing an opportunity to share experience, knowledge and new ideas.

WABCO Reman Solutions

WABCO Reman Solutions specializes in remanufacturing electronics, mechatronic components and conventional mechanical products originally produced by ZF or other manufacturers. WABCO Reman Solutions does not simply re-build for function - we remanufacture for perfection using the latest technologies and industry know-how gained from Original Equipment manufacturing.

Every WABCO Reman Solutions product is upgraded to the latest performance specifications, guaranteeing a quality that you can truly rely on!

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